Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Barnabe Mountain: The Evil that Lurks in Samuel P. Taylor

In the process of failing to find the Devil's Gulch fire road in Samuel P. Taylor Park, I came across a fire road and figured, "what the heck."

What turned out to be a 1455 climb to an old fire lookout and views from a perspective you can't get from a car.

A nightmare to climb--or push a bike up--but the backside is 1400 foot plus drop down in the Madrone camp area. Or you can connect up to Devil's Gulch and--I think--go all the way to Nicasio reservoir.

It's like a recurrent nightmare of trying to ride up a Mobius strip--every time you come around the bend you run into another one of these:

But once you get to the top . . . .

It's literally all downhill from there:

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