Monday, November 23, 2009

Appetite Seminar Pre-ride

Above: view coming down Repack at dusk.

November 23, 2009: pre-ride for the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Ride, aka Appetite Seminar, around Pine Lake east of Fairfax.

What nice day to go out and bust your hump:

19 miles based on where I parked in Fairfax; a time too demeaning to record. Didn't plan on finishing in the dark in Cascade Canyon.

Second time up PMS Hill this week--two too many:

I call this one the Hill of Screams:

Now 6 or so miles in:

The point of no return: miles of downhill after this:

Wish I'd seen that tree sooner . . . .

Uh oh--I think this is the entrance to Lothlorien:

Where the Pine Mountain Loop hits San Geronimo Ridge:

Shadows are getting long. Didn't plan on being out here when the sun went down.

Finally around to the top of Repack:

Plenty of views on the way down . . . .

Sun going down on Big Rock Ridge, seen from the top of Repack at dusk:

Pretty much dark at the bottom. Ouch!

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