Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Rock Ridge Part I

How to get on Big Rock Ridge without dying or wishing you were dead . . . .

Here's the starting point, going north from Lucas Valley Road near LucasFilms:

Up . .

Several cutbacks:


After three miles of easy, looping cutbacks seems like you're at the top:

But then there's this:

And This:

And this:

Actually, the photo above is what you see looking back--starting where we left off on the Smith Fire Road circuit makes this whole thing relatively pleasant. At this point I had no desire to go back up that.

But starting at the 650 elevation near LucasFilms means that net-net you're going a lot more down than up.  

More evil hills in part II . . . 

Big Rock Ridge Part II

In the picture below, this is facing east towards where we reached the point on Chicken Shack Fire Road where you stop climbing and descend into Marinwood. It's  pretty far away at this point.

One of many long ass hills you want to make sure you go down--and don't come back.  Unfortunately, there's not avoiding this one:


View east & south from top of Queenstone Fire Road: