Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jewel Trail to Bolinas Ridge

December 5, 2009. This is from a test ride of a circuit for a moonlight ride on Bolinas Ridge. Timing is not great--full moon was on the second and it's waning fast. Last chance tomorrow night.

Right: You shall not pass! The Dark Ones guard the pass to Bolinas Ridge.

The idea was to avoid going up Shafter fire road, which is reserved for only the most dedicated masochists.

Instead, it's possible to park near Peters Dam, ride the paved path a couple miles through Samuel P., and then head up to the Ridge on Jewel Trail.

Not sure how great idea this is. It gets to the top of Shafter in maybe six miles instead of 1.7, but instead of one gradual climb it's a serious of flats connected by steep, rocky parts--with bookoo kow krap along the way--always a big selling point for a night ride.

And there sure are a lot of hills in this flight plan.  They're everywhere!

And of course the welcoming top of Shafter:

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